March 2012

Wow! It is hard to believe that we are already three months into the new year 2012!

Bay Star  is making remarkable strides both internally to enhance the overall quality of our operations. As well strides in further developing our professional relationships within the communites we serve. You guys and gals have been doing a terrific job!

Last month we had the opportunity to meet with some of the senior leadership at Texas Childrens Hospital System. We were so proud and pleased to hear directly from them how happy they are with Bay Star and the service you guys and gals are providing out there. They have taken notice on how professional you guys all present yourselves and the cleanliness of our trucks inside and out. Please remember it is imperative when you are transporting these pediatric patients that your trucks be adequately deconed and cleaned throughly. We have been able to maintain a 100% on-time compliance for these scheduled pediatric transports. Thank You all for your teamwork and committment to this goal from the beginning.

I would be amist if I didn’t mention the great job being done at the TCH West Campus as well. The leadership is very happy there as well with crews, professionalism and attention to detail. From Texas Childrens. They Thank All of You as do we! Keep up the great work folks, and be proud of being apart of such a good service! We appreciate your continued level of professionalism and dedication both to Bay Star and the patients you care for. We are continiously receiving feedback from families, facilities and community leaders about the great service they are receiving from you at Bay Star Ambulance. You have our commitment to stay focused, mission driven and encourage long-term growth stability. Keep up the great work team!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: We have reserved PIRATES BAY WATER PARK here in Baytown for a private company party our annual “Bay Star Bash”. Saturday June 12th. Stay tuned for more details on this event. This will be a time for you to bring your significant other and kids out to kick-back, eat, play and socialize a bit.

Eric Stricklin – Cheif Operation Officer