Photo Scavenger Hunt

When we put out our list for our first Photo Scavenger hunt, we had no idea what we would get back. But what we got back was great! it was so much fun seeing the creativity of our medics on display here. We hope you guys had as much fun taking the pictures as we did looking at them. And to our winners enjoy your gift cards!

• One of you in front of something that says Bay Star- 1 point
• Checking off trucks- 2 points
• One of you looking relaxed- 1 point
• ER bay at a hospital(no patients)- 1 point
• The funniest thing you can find- 2 point
• Doing what a sign says- 1 point
• Your reflections or shadows- 1 point + 1 if Bay Star logo is included
• An unusual perspective of something- 1 point
• Large group of people, Bay Star in photo( cannot be same as photo 12)- 1 point
• Someone shaking your hand- 1 point
• You near a city land mark- 1 point
• Photo with another Bay Star employee not on your truck (Office staff preferred) – 1 point + 1 point if with an office staff.
• Eating or look like you are eating at Chick Fil A – 1 point
• Inside of something( no building or vehicles)- 2 point
• Posting- 1 point