April 2012 Update!

Bay Star Team! Let me first begin by saying THANK YOU for the job well done once again! You ladies and gentelmen are truly some of the most dedicated and professional group of people I have had the pleasure of working alongside of in my career. Every month, I am humbled to hear words of thanks from families, facilities, physicians, patients and the general public. We receive thank you letters, emails and phone calls every week from individuals that each of you have touched by your level of professionalism, the pride you show in your work, your clinical excellence! You guys and gals are truly a huge part of what makes Bay Star what it is today.

Remember, our patients when using our services are sick or injured in some form or fashion. They are entrusting in us to provide the most professional, dependable and safest mode of transport and patient care capable to them. That is our responsibility to carry out each response at a time. Be proud of who you are! Be proud of the organization you represent! It will show ten fold in your performance and how you are received by others you care for.

Well by now, you guys have been through the Bay Star Shift Bid Process. I hope you have seen that we are making prevalent efforts to continue moving Bay Star forward and are pleased as well with the progress. We have made some great strides but are not done by a long shot. There are some great things still in store for you and Bay Star Ambulance! We truly do value your input as integral component of our organization that Charles and Kelly have worked so hard to build these past 10 years. It is very important to us that you understand the direction and principles Bay Star is working to uphold.

With that in mind folks I would like to introduce something new we are going to form here at Bay Star Ambulance. We are going to form a special committee here at Bay Star Ambulance, composed solely of your peers. Communication and teamwork are as you know by now a very important element to the success of Bay Star. You will appoint and elect a group of 5 peers through a non-biast electoral process. Administration will not appoint any member of this committee. The individuals to serve on this committee will be determined completely by your nominations and/or votes. The purpose of this committee is to serve as a direct mechanism of communication directly to the Executive Leadership of Bay Star Ambulance. This committee will meet once a month in a scheduled meeting with Charles, Kelly and Myself. The committee will bring directly to us any concerns, suggestions, performance improvement, quality measures, pertaining to any aspect of Bay Star,.. i.e, Fleet, Operations,Station, Dispatch, Documentation, Facility issues, communication, etc… We want you guys to have a direct involvement with the administration of continuing to move Bay Star Ambulance forward in 2012. We will listen with an open mind, we will not judge and we will respect your feedback. We will respond in each instance as can be allowed. This is an opportunity for you to think hard about those individuals you think would represent you and your colleagues well.

Think about those individuals whom you have seen display key leadership qualities. Folks that have consistently shown the initiative to do above what is expected. Those individuals that you feel have tried to teach others to excel as an EMS professional and at Bay Star. Those that you feel have an open mind and would be best suited to collectively take your feedback, suggestions, concerns, etc.. to committee.

We will get more information out to you as we move closer to the formation of this process and this committee. Again, we value you and simply want what is best and want to do what is right always!

Thank you once again for the job well done always!

Best Regards, Eric Stricklin